Xft.dpi: 150 suddenly necessary #gtk #x

I don't know why, but suddenly font sizes in menus, notifications, and Nemo went down to miniature.

Adding a file /etc/X11/Xresources/xft containing "Xft.dpi: 150" fixed the problem.

GTK - go figure...


Notifications for deluge

I couldn't make the 'Notifications' plugin for deluge work, and I want confirmation that a torrent has been added when I click a magnet link, so instead I configured the 'Execute' plugin to run this script on the 'Torrent Added' event:

    /usr/bin/notify-send --icon /usr/share/pixmaps/deluge.png --expire-time 2000 'Deluge' "Torrent '$2' added"

So little effort, such reward.


Timestamping presence notifications from jabber.el #emacs

Sometimes it is nice to know when a presence change alert from jabber.el happened, "X is now Online", "X is now Offline" - sure, but when was that?

defadvice to the rescue:

    (defadvice jabber-presence-default-message (after add-timestamp-to-message last activate)
      (when ad-return-value
          (setq ad-return-value (concat "[" (current-time-string) "] " ad-return-value))))

Now the *Messages* contains information like: "[Wed Aug 5 14:25:02 2015] X is now Offline" - nice!


jabber.el, OTR and notifications #emacs

A while back I switched from using Pidgin for XMPP to jabber.el, I think primarily because OTR didn't work reliably for me in Pidgin.

Or there was some other reason that I forgot.

Anyway, running jabber.el in a decidated Emacs-instance works really well, and I can - with some perspiration - fix small niggles myself.

The latest one was related to OTR: notifications would show the encrypted text, and they would display when I wrote something myself. Not ideal. The author gave some hints, and I finally hacked together a solution - it isn't pretty or the right way, but it works for now.


Gnus, reporting spam #emacs #gnus

I have been reporting spam on Gmane by going to the web-interface for years. For years, I tell you, like a savage.

Finally I got my act together and configured Gnus, so I can report spam directly from there.

On my [Gmane] topic, I added these topic parameters:

      ((spam spam-use-gmane)))
     (spam-summary-exit-behavior 'move-none)
     (spam-use-hashcash nil)
     (spam-use-crm114 nil))

I am not sure that the last three are needed, but... better safe than sorry.

The documentation had me stumped for a while, because it only says "use (spam spam-use-gmane)", and doesn't mention spam-process - but now it works (confirmed with ngrep).


Server upgraded #debian

I upgraded my server to Debian 8 (jessie) tonight.

It went quite smoothly - I had to configure ejabberd again (they've changed the configuration file from Erlang to YAML), and I had to change the names of the files in Apache's sites-enabled/ directory to end in .conf, move the stuff in conf.d/, and switch from mod_gnutls - which is in oldstable and in unstable, but not in stable - to mod_ssl, but that was basically it!

pg_upgradecluster nicely did a dump/restore of my PostgreSQL databases, upgrading from 9.1 to 9.4.

Even rebooting the machine went without a hitch.

Well done, Debian!


I wish... #haskell #programming

... that all Haskell packages had a SYNOPSIS section in the documentation, showing an example of how to use the code.

Like most Perl-modules on CPAN.

That would be really nice for learning both the language and the libraries.


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