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Bob Dylan. Yes.

Tells the jukebox to play all Bob Dylan songs on random.


Signs you are stressed #118

When you carry a dirty dish to the kitchen, and you leave it on the kitchen table, instead of putting it in the dish washer, because you think: "I'll do it when I have the time."


Jukebox upgrade - better USB sound card #hardware #jukebox #music

Back in May I upgraded my jukebox to a Raspberry Pi 3, but couldn't get the cheap USB soundcard I had been using with the 2+ to work.

Fortunately the built in sound of the Raspberry Pi 3 was better than the abysmal one in the Raspberry Pi 2+.

Just now I heard Kashmir's "The Push" and the crackle was annoying. Very noticable.

So I grabbed an Onyx Blackjack I had lying around and attached that; it worked as soon as I changed the mpd.conf - and sounds much better. A usb hub is needed to power it, but the increase in sound quality is worth the wattage.

I'll have to put on Kent's "Då Som Nu För Alltid" on and see if that sounds better now as well.

Yay sound!


Twitter app #android

I use Twitter very rarely on my phone, but sometimes I want to send a tweet containing an image to some kind of authority, asking them what's up.

I don't want the Twitter app to be running constantly, using battery and data, as I never look at Twitter on my phone.

There is no setting for that, so I clicked the "Sign out" button. Which displays this warning:

Are you sure? Logging out will remove all Twitter data from this device.

Really, Twitter, I mean, really??


22 Pistepirkko in hiatus #music

Album cover My jukebox put on 22 Pistepirkko's debut "Piano, Rumpu ja Kukka" (one of the records you put on for fun and take off in sincerity), and that prompted me to look at the News page on their website.

The note from June 16, 2015 is both heartbreaking, beautiful and instills hope.

Writing this I realize that that is not a bad way to sum up what 22 Pistepirkko means to me.

The gist is:

22-p will be 35 years young this year.
We tried to make an album to celebrate
with you all:
Made a bunch of tunes, some of them are really
pretty !
Brothers fell in a fight ring,
stopped rocking,
this time it ended ugly.
After several bow wow wows =
22-p needs a pause.

Now we are back in peace/calm.

We'll play these summer gigs
and quit for a while.
When we feel the urge to R&R with 22-p we’ll
continue, as has been the case from 1980 to 2015.



Lovelace & Babbage Lego set - vote! #programming

Vote for the Lovelace & Babbage Lego set now!

An excellent project celebrating Lady Ada Lovelace's 200th birthday, by @legolovelace.

I would love to give my niece and nephew one of these - so, join me in voting for it!


Signs you are a douchebag #117

Calling social media "SoMe".

Sorry, but that is just... ToMu.


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