22 Pistepirkko in hiatus #music

Album cover My jukebox put on 22 Pistepirkko's debut "Piano, Rumpu ja Kukka" (one of the records you put on for fun and take off in sincerity), and that prompted me to look at the News page on their website.

The note from June 16, 2015 is both heartbreaking, beautiful and instills hope.

Writing this I realize that that is not a bad way to sum up what 22 Pistepirkko means to me.

The gist is:

22-p will be 35 years young this year.
We tried to make an album to celebrate
with you all:
Made a bunch of tunes, some of them are really
pretty !
Brothers fell in a fight ring,
stopped rocking,
this time it ended ugly.
After several bow wow wows =
22-p needs a pause.

Now we are back in peace/calm.

We'll play these summer gigs
and quit for a while.
When we feel the urge to R&R with 22-p we’ll
continue, as has been the case from 1980 to 2015.



Lovelace & Babbage Lego set - vote! #programming

Vote for the Lovelace & Babbage Lego set now!

An excellent project celebrating Lady Ada Lovelace's 200th birthday, by @legolovelace.

I would love to give my niece and nephew one of these - so, join me in voting for it!


Signs you are a douchebag #117

Calling social media "SoMe".

Sorry, but that is just... ToMu.


Copenhagen Suborbitals launched another rocket #space

Nexø 1 rocket The rocket launched and flew straight up for a short while, until white smoke could be seen, and the rocket dropped into the ocean.

It was quickly recovered, nose cone included.

Best part: seeing the rocket go up.

Worst part: all the armchair philosophers spouting their "advice" on Youtube.



I have had an ungodly number of open pages in my web browser for months.

After one week of vacation, I finally managed to look/read/skim through most of them. It took a week of vacation to amass the energy to do that.

Still open:

Hopefully I'll get to close those as well, soon.


Source code management history #free software #perl #vcs

In the Hacker News discussion of the open sourcing of BitKeeper (oh, the irony (or not, according to its owner)) there was a cool sub-thread about version control systems development back in the day at Sun:

"Their stuff wasn't ready so I kept working but that made them look bad, one guy with some perl scripts outpacing 8 people with a supposedly better language. So their VP came over and said "Larry, this went all the way up to Scooter, if you do one more release you're fired" and set back SCM development almost a decade" - BitKeeper discussion at Hacker News.


Lisp dialect pop quiz #perl #programming


"Hey, pop quiz! Which of these languages is the best Lisp dialect?

  1. Java
  2. Objective C
  3. Perl
  4. PHP
  5. Emacs

The answer, of course, is [show it]


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