Gnus, reporting spam #emacs #gnus

I have been reporting spam on Gmane by going to the web-interface for years. For years, I tell you, like a savage.

Finally I got my act together and configured Gnus, so I can report spam directly from there.

On my [Gmane] topic, I added these topic parameters:

      ((spam spam-use-gmane)))
     (spam-summary-exit-behavior 'move-none)
     (spam-use-hashcash nil)
     (spam-use-crm114 nil))

I am not sure that the last three are needed, but... better safe than sorry.

The documentation had me stumped for a while, because it only says "use (spam spam-use-gmane)", and doesn't mention spam-process - but now it works (confirmed with ngrep).


Server upgraded #debian

I upgraded my server to Debian 8 (jessie) tonight.

It went quite smoothly - I had to configure ejabberd again (they've changed the configuration file from Erlang to YAML), and I had to change the names of the files in Apache's sites-enabled/ directory to end in .conf, move the stuff in conf.d/, and switch from mod_gnutls - which is in oldstable and in unstable, but not in stable - to mod_ssl, but that was basically it!

pg_upgradecluster nicely did a dump/restore of my PostgreSQL databases, upgrading from 9.1 to 9.4.

Even rebooting the machine went without a hitch.

Well done, Debian!


I wish... #haskell #programming

... that all Haskell packages had a SYNOPSIS section in the documentation, showing an example of how to use the code.

Like most Perl-modules on CPAN.

That would be really nice for learning both the language and the libraries.


Get your Haskell logo keycaps now: www.pimpmykeyboard.com/d ... You can learn the language when your keyboard is all snazzed up.

Hardware going belly up #hardware

My Samsung 305T plus started flickering in a weirdly regular pattern.

My first guess was that it was the graphics cards, as the pattern did not show when the cable was disconnected (and the monitor cycles through solid colours).

I needed to use the screen today, so I purchased a new cheap, silent Radeon graphics card, plugged it in, and ... no cigar, still flickering.

After searching some more, I realized that this is a common problem with this type of monitor. People have been fixing it by baking electronics, having the soldering refurbished, changing capacitors, and what have you.

So I decided to buy a new monitor. I went for a cheap 28" 4K monitor - it is smaller than the old monitor, but I could pick it up nearby and the price is like ¼th of a 32".

To drive it, I also needed a new graphics card, so I ended up buying a more expensive Radeon card along with the monitor. A minus is that it has fans - two. (I don't think I have bought two graphics cards on the same day before.)

Plugging in the new(est) graphics card didn't work - it seems like it isn't there at all.

Looking closer, I realized that it has a socket to plug a power cable into. A 6 pin PCI express power cable. Something my (nice, silent fanless) power supply does not provide.

So I can drive the monitor in 1920x1080 with the old(er) graphics card, until I get a molex to PCI express 6 pin cable. *sigh*

Update: Looking for a power cable like this... Jeez. You can order one that cost you 178 DKK, one that costs 123 DKK, one at 50 DKK, or you can go to Brinck Elektronik, where there is a queue on a Saturday afternoon, but the cable is in stock, and it costs 24 DKK, a whopping 2-7+x less.

First impression of 3840x2160@60 Hz on a 28" screen (which, by the way, just worked automatically with Debian unstable and a displayport cable): I need to adjust fontsizes and configure Firefox and Chromium to scale up (same as on the 3200x1800 screen on the laptop). A 32" would be nicer, but this will do.


Going to the moon

We choose to go to the moon not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Eating this bag of pinecones is also hard...

Sometimes xkcd is just spot on.



I was lucky enough to get a Kindle Paperwhite for christmas. I was wondering what my first foray into buying a book in bit form only should be, when I came across this short article about the circumstances under which William Gibson wrote Neuromancer.

So I left the tab with that article open, and bought Neuromancer on my Kindle, from Amazon, at the grand prize of ~5.5$

I am quite impressed with the e-ink screen on the Kindle, it keeps looking very much like paper, rather than like a computer screen.

I was less impressed by the book, maybe because I did not take into account when it was written, as I read it. Or maybe because I have never read much science fiction. I have heard Neuromancer described as his best work, I guess that is very subjective, too.

And now I have finished the article as well. Yay!


Downloading tv shows from Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) #commandline

Some years ago I hacked together a script to download tv shows from DR, called drnuget - because I don't want to install Adobe's Flash plugin on my computer, and because Gnash does not work with dr.dk.

Alas, a while back, DR changed their website and drnuget stopped working. This, of course in blatant, direct violation of the Public Service contract. Oh well.

All is not lost, because another little hacky script, drplay at least allows you to watch shows, by digging up a URL and passing it on to vlc. Not that useful for downloading, though.

But now I've learned that youtube-dl (no longer that precisely named) can download programs from dr.dk, so we can once again download the programs we are forced to pay for - nice!

Update: I was very happy to see that Arch Linux' AUR had a package for my little script, but - alas - it turns out to be another little script, with the same name.


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