Syncronizing contacts and calendars with your own server, on Android #android

I just spent 2½ hours making my new Android phone sync using DAVdroid to radiCALe on my home server.

It took a while, because there are a couple of things you simply "have to know":

I am only sync'ing my web-based calender on the server in one direction (server to phone); this seems to just work. Addressbook will probably only be in the other direction (phone to server).

I managed to avoid sending my contacts to Google, by turning off all sync before creating the Google account (this is done in Settings/Data Usage top right menu "Auto-sync data"). After creating the account, I turned off wi-fi and mobile data - and then I reenabled Auto-sync data, and went to Settings/Accounts/Google and disabled sync for everything Google there. After that I could enable mobile data and wi-fi again.

The point here is for the email app to update Auto-sync data must be on, but if I turned it on again while there was a network connection available, my contacts would have been synced to the new Google account before I could disable syncing to it - thus the turn off wi-fi and mobile data "trick".



End of summer

It feels like even the weather is sad that summer vacation is over. It has been raining "slowly" all day...


BioCoder: Making biotech actually garage-ready #biotech

An interesting article about the movement towards making biotech possible in your basement, and access to reagents in particular: Open Source Biotech Consumables.

Lots of things I hadn't heard about - OpenPCR, ... I wonder when I can sequence parts of my own genome in my kitchen. Now that would be interesting.

"Open source plasmids" has a nice ring to it!


Perl indeed was the universal glue of the early web - Microsofts first website was maintained using Perl: boingboing.net/2014/08/0 ...

Night Glow 2014

The Night Glow - 15 hot air balloons glowing to music - in Fælledparken tonight was very nice!

I took a bunch of pictures, and made a panorama:



All my ears hear is...

"It turns out..."


Emoji vs. Smileys

How come the word "emoji" seems to have replaced "smileys" while I was looking away?

Sounds better than "emoticons", I guess.

Gratituous link to "Oh No, My Kitty is Emo".


It sounds like the Raspberry Pi B+ has solved the main problems I have with my rev. B: The weak USB and the flakey SD-reader - nice! www.raspi.today/the-maki ...

Debian will be freezing for the release of jessie in november; cool! /bits.debian.org/2014/07 ...

More crowdfunding

When I wrote about crowdfunding, I forgot the campaign for GnuPG.

While they seem to be the most open about how the money gets spent, they also used Gotoe, which has been the worst of the three technical solutions I have tried as a contributor (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Gotoe). They sent me duplicate mails, sometimes in a language I did not request, nor read.


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