Dear New York Times #email

nytimes.com says a valid email address is invalid This email address is perfectly valid - '+' is allowed in the local-part, i.e. before the '@' sign.


I ♥ Free Software #free software #ilovefs

I ♥ Free Software Debian, GNU Emacs, Linux, Gnus, XMonad, Perl, Python, Apache, jabber.el, PostgreSQL, Xorg, git, GHC, LaTeX, Gimp, mpd, vlc, Firefox, etc. etc.


XMonad 0.13 released #haskell #x

XMonad 0.13 has been released - and it includes a fix for the bug where window borders would be transparent for windows that use RGBA color scheme (such as the terminal emulator Sakura).

Xmonad logo I started trying to fix the bug more than a year ago, but my Haskell skills weren't up to finishing the job. Fortunately Peter J. Jones jumped in and did the rest!

In 2013 I lamented not being able to switch to XMonad. What happened in the meantime is that I got a high resolution laptop and switched at home. After some months I switched at work as well, and now I'm very happy with it. The most important thing in making the switch was that I bound going to the previous/next workspace to super-z and super-x, which I find quite convenient.


Writing long numbers in Python 3.6 #language #perl #programming #python

I love this new innovation in Python - you can make long numbers more readable with underscores (e.g. 1_000_000).

Perl has had this for... how long? At least 26 years (Perl 4.0).

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Emacs: find-file-from-selection #commandline #emacs #programming #ui #x

Tired of having to select exactly the part of a warning- or error message in the terminal, or a log file, and then pasting it into the mini-buffer in Emacs to open the file?

Help is here - find-file-from-selection lets you simply select the line containing the information with your mouse, and with one keystroke Emacs tries to find the file, and jumps to the line/column in the message, if present.

Here is a quick demo:

asciinema demo

Give it a whirl and let me know how it works for you!

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The problem with programming #programming

You get caught up in it - suddenly it's 3:30 AM and you have half a cup of cold cocoa sitting next to you.

More about the fruits of my caught-uppiness tomorrow, I hope.


Password best practices in the 21st century #security

NIST tells it like it is:

"Verifiers SHOULD NOT impose other composition rules (mixtures of different character types, for example) on memorized secrets. Verifiers SHOULD NOT require memorized secrets to be changed arbitrarily (e.g., periodically) unless there is evidence of compromise of the authenticator or a subscriber requests a change." - DRAFT NIST Special Publication 800-63B, Digital Authentication Guideline, Authentication and Lifecycle Management


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